Cold laser therapy is an alternative therapy used to help manage pain, inflammation, and tissue injury arising from a variety of conditions.

The benefits are that it is non-invasive, safe, and quick to administer. It serves as a great options for pets who can't tolerate certain medications due to drug interactions, development of gastrointestinal upset or toxicity, decreased liver function, or other decreased organ function.

The risk of side effects is low. Proper protection (goggles for humans and pets) is provided to prevent possible eye injury.

cold laser

cold lasercold laser

How it Works

Laser therapy delivers a focused light beam to the targeted area. Depending on the purpose of treatment, specific parameters such as type (continuous versus pulsed light), dose, wavelength, and duration of the light will be set to optimize the effects. This also helps with tissue penetration, which can vary based on skin/coat color and surface area.

Laser therapy improves the healing of damaged tissue by increasing cell growth and proliferation, stimulation cell migration to facilitate repair, decreasing swelling, and improving blood flow. It helps with comfort by inhibiting inflammatory signaling and decreasing nerve conduction of pain.

Possible Uses

  • Acute/chronic pain management
    • Degenerative joint diseases/Osteoarthritis
    • Hip dysplasia
    • Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD)
    • Neurological disorders
    • Muscle tension
  • Healing
    • Wounds
    • Surgical incisions
    • Infections (skin, ear, anal glands, etc.)
  • Dental Therapy
    • Gingivitis (inflammation of the gums)

More frequent visits are usually recommended when treatment is first initiated. The timing of treatments may vary based on individual response, but better outcomes are usually seen with regularly scheduled treatments.

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