Comprehensive wellness, illness and emergency examinations for pets of all life stages

Puppy and Kitten Exams 

We will evaluate them from head-to-tail, looking for problems they were born with and issues that have come up as they grow. You can expect us to examine skin, teeth, eyes, bones and muscles, hearts and lungs, abdominal organs, and genitalia. We recommend AAHA’s standard protocol for vaccination of puppies and kittens. We offer prevention, detection, and treatment of external and internal parasites.

Adult Dog and Cat Wellness Exams

Complete physical examinations by a veterinarian including heartworm testing and fecal examination. Vaccinations are still extremely important in providing continued immunity against the more common but preventable diseases in our area.

Senior Dog and Cat Wellness Exams 

For dogs over 7 years of age and cats over 10 we recommend semi-annual comprehensive physical examinations with blood work, urinalysis and fecal examination.


We recommend AAHA’s standard protocol for vaccination. We offer the universally recommended “core” vaccines (such as Rabies and Distemper) and also “non-core” vaccines (such as Leptospirosis, Lyme and Bordetella) depending upon your pet’s environment and lifestyle.

Microchip Implantation for Felines and Canines

We carry microchips for permanent identification if your cat or dog ever becomes lost. Also, certain international travel destinations require feline and canine microchips.

International Health Certificates

We have USDA accredited veterinarians who can help you with international travel documents. Please check this site for the travel requirements in advance of scheduling your travel appointment:

Weight Management for Dogs and Cats

As in humans, obesity in dogs and cats may cause illness, arthritis, and even shorter life expectancies. Unfortunately, obesity tends to be a problem with some of our canine and feline pets in New York City but our veterinarians will help you and your pets stay in tip-top shape!

Arthritis Management for Cats and Dogs

With the advances in veterinary medicine, our companions are living longer. This means many are developing arthritis in their later years and we can help to safely reduce their discomfort with a regimen tailored to your pet’s individual needs.