It’s National Dog Biscuit Day

Be sure to treat your canine family member with a dog treat today in celebration of National Dog Biscuit Day. Dogs love their treats just like we do. If your pet is healthy and exercises regularly there is no reason you can’t give them the occasional treat. Just be sure they don’t get more than 10% of their calories from any treats.

These days there are some very healthy choices in the dog biscuit market. Rather than a typical supermarket brand dog biscuit – which are the equivalent of cookies for your dog – you can choose a brand that offers more natural ingredients. Or, you can choose to give your dog a piece of beef jerky made for dogs.

What if my dog is overweight?

If your dog is overweight, then choose a low calorie treat or offer veggies instead. Again, there are a number of low fat, low sugar options in the dog biscuit isle of your pet store. More importantly, don’t overdo the treats no matter how healthy. “Sometimes dog owners think that since a treat is low calorie or natural they can feed their dog as many as they want,” says Dr. Kyoko Yoshida, co-owner of Hudson Animal Hospital in New York City. “The owner has to remember that no matter how healthy, these items were designed to be given as treats and not intended to be food substitutes.”

Ask your veterinarian if you have any questions about which treats are best for your dog. They will advise if you need to be careful about certain ingredients or calories. The staff at Hudson Animal Hospital can advise their clients on what to feed their dogs, especially New York City dogs that may not get as much exercise.

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