We Love National Puppy Day

Who doesn’t love puppies? The entire staff at Hudson Animal Hospital love all animals and puppies are no exception. On National Puppy Day we celebrate all the puppies in our extended New York City family.

Remember to take some time out to celebrate your favorite puppy, or puppies, today by treating them to something special. We have some suggestions for our New York families. With slightly warmer weather, you can take a short run a dog run in the NYC parks. Another suggestion is to take your puppy to one of New York City’s dog friendly restaurants for a dinner treat – try these Best Pet Friendly Restaurants In New York. Maybe you want an evening in with a new toy or a special dinner treat.

What is National Puppy Day?

National Puppy Day was really started to help find new loving homes for rescue dogs across the country. If you don’t already have a puppy, all the photos and videos of fabulous puppies may have been the last factor needed to convince you to add a puppy to your family. If this is the case, we couldn’t be happier for you, but we suggest you don’t take this decision lightly. You can check the ASPCA website for local shelters where you can rescue a puppy.

We’re pleased that you are considering adding a puppy or dog to your home, and, if you live in the Upper West Side, we’d love to help care for your canine! We have written many articles on how to prepare for a new addition and suggest you do your research in advance. A little preparation will make for a smooth transition when you bring your new furry canine youngster into your home. The staff at Hudson Animal Hospital is here to provide service and support to you as you embark on the fun and rewarding journey!

We would love to see our current and former family of puppies – and dogs who still act like puppies – in all their glory and cuteness. So, feel free to post your photos to our facebook page and don’t forget to add #nationalpuppyday today.

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