Safe Holidays are Happy Holidays


The holiday season is right around the corner and everyone is preparing for family visits, gift giving, parties and of course, over-eating. While Poinsettia’s have a bad reputation for being toxic, they are generally considered a mild toxin, look up to your mistletoe for a real toxic hazard. Every year we get calls about pets who are sick because of accidental ingestion of something hazardous during the holidays. These accidents often happen because the owners didn’t know the items were toxic. Let’s keep our pets safe this year.

Top Holiday Pet Ingestion Hazards

Mistletoe, holly, and other similar plants with red berries
Chocolate in all forms is especially toxic to dogs
Lilies may be the most toxic common flower
Garlic & Onions can break down blood in dogs
Xylitol – an artificial sweetener – can cause seizures
Yeast & Hops can cause gastric distress
Alcoholic Beverages will cause intoxication in pets much faster than in humans

Safe Holiday Season

This is a small list of some common items left out more often during this season. The staff at Hudson Animal Hospital in New York would like to remind you to keep your pet’s safety in mind while preparing for the holidays. If your pet does become sick please call our number immediately – 212-706-4088 –  so we can prepare to receive your furry family member. Our hours will change a little during the holidays, please call our friends at Blue Pearl Veterinary Center if you find your pet needing emergency care while our staff is visiting their families.