Considering being an animal foster parent?


If you’ve considered being a foster parent to a furry family member, you may want to attend an orientation event at Animal Care Centers of NYC (AAC) . What are their criteria? What do you have to provide? Is your personality a good fit for fostering? These questions will be answered and the steps needed to begin the process will be explained in further detail.

Foster care volunteers provide homes, care and a nurturing environment for our animals. Often times, these animals need time to grow, heal and learn to socialize in a safe and caring environment. AAC will provide support as needed to help you create the best nurturing environment possible.

The first step in this process is attending an AAC orientation event. Their next event is January 26th, but you can check their website for future events as well. You can sign up online at the Animal Care Centers of NYC (AAC) website. You will also find some of their basic requirements and other checklists to go over before you attend so you can be sure you will be a qualified candidate for fostering.

Hudson Animal Hospital NYC supports all forms of the pet rescue process. If you have any questions about adding foster pets into your household feel free to consult our staff at 212-706-4088 or on our website.