Hope Everyone Enjoyed the Big Games

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We know most of you watched the big game yesterday and the entire staff at Hudson Animal Hospital would like to congratulate the winners and MVPs. Congratulations, Noodles of Home and Family Felines and Nikita of Team Fluff. We are of course talking about the Kitten Bowl and the Puppy Bowl 2017.

Dijon Sanders in the 2017 Kitten Bowl

These fabulous events were set up to promote adopting rescue pets across the county and we couldn’t think of a cuter way to showcase these wonderful puppies and kittens. Filled with humor, the kitten bowl was won with a pass from quartercat Mew Brees. The world must feel the same because every animal who participated in both the puppy and kitten bowls were adopted.

Thinking of adopting a rescue kitten or puppy

The best thing about these events is they remind us about these special rescue animals. If you’ve been considering adopting a dog or puppy be sure to research which breeds would be suitable. Maybe it’s a cat or kitten you want, then the professionals at local shelters can help find a perfect match.

If you live in the upper west side and would like to discuss veterinary care for your adopted pet, please call Hudson Animal Hospital at 212-706-4088 or visit our website to make an appointment.

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