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My Dog Loves Central Park Fair

It’s time to celebrate Central Park and its dog community at the 15th Annual My Dog Loves Central Park Fair! Come, sit, stay, and celebrate Central Park and its dog community! Tails will be wagging as the Central Park Conservancy and Central Park Paws host you and your canine for an...

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Rabies Awareness Day is September 28th

September 28th is World Rabies Day, a global day of awareness and action for rabies prevention. This year a new initiative, Zero by 30, has been started with the hopes of ending world wide human rabies deaths by the year 2030. Rabies does remain a major concern to human beings worldwide, killing...

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National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day

Yesterday was National Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day, but don’t let that fact that you missed it stop you from bringing your cat in for a check-up. Regular veterinary care for felines is essential to their long and healthy lives. Studies have suggested that in the United States less than half of...

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Advisory for Lyme and other Tick-borne Illness in NYC

A few weeks ago the NYC department of Health issued an advisory regarding an increase in the number of patients with tick-borne diseases. Due to a rise in the number of ticks this year, it’s expected that there will be a rise in the number of cases of Lyme disease in both humans and their pets....

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Help Save Our Shelters With Broadway Barks 19

When all the fireworks have been shot off and your pets are calm again, don’t forget that Broadway Barks is taking place on July 8th. In it’s 19th year, co-founder Bernadette Peters will co-host the event with her Broadway co-star Malcom McDowell....

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We Love National Puppy Day

Who doesn’t love puppies? The entire staff at Hudson Animal Hospital love all animals and puppies are no exception. On National Puppy Day we celebrate all the puppies in our extended New York City family....

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It’s National Dog Biscuit Day

Be sure to treat your canine family member with a dog treat today in celebration of National Dog Biscuit Day. Dogs love their treats just like we do. If your pet is healthy and exercises regularly there is no reason you can’t give them the occasional treat. Just be sure they don’t get...

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