Metabolic Diet

We are excited to announce the arrival of Hill’s Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution Diet which is a new weight management diet for dogs and cats. In the US, 53% of dogs and 55% of cats are considered obese or overweight. I must say as a NYC veterinarian, I feel like this number is more like 60-70 % for my patients. Inadequate activity certainly contributes to this, but I feel overfeeding is a more common cause of obesity. Overfeeding is very easy to fall prey to because of the wide selection of high calorie premium diets that are now readily available. The popular “grain free” diets are prime examples and are packed with lots of calories due to the high protein and fat contents.

Now we offer Hill’s Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution Diet for our patients. It is available in both dry and wet forms. This diet promotes efficient metabolism of an overweight pet, to act more like that of a lean pet. Based on their studies, 96% of dogs and 81% of cats lost weight. We have offered this diet to some of our patients and are seeing promising results!

We first need to examine your pet to make sure he/she is healthy to be on this new prescription diet. We will calculate the ideal weight and calories for you as well. And the wonderful thing about this food is that if you have multiple pets at home and one of them is lean, that pet can be on the same diet! This diet won’t alter a lean pet’s metabolism. This is a much more humane strategy than the traditional “starve your pet” approach and I am hoping this will help some of my “plump” patients!

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