Dental Treats for Pets

Let’s talk about dental treats today. We know that the best way to keep your furry friend’s teeth clean is to brush his/her teeth daily. However, we also know that some of our patients are very resistant to teeth brushing. For those patients, good dental treats can be a reasonable alternative. Or, you may give these treats in addition to daily brushing to keep those teeth pristine!

I recommend treats that have “VOHC” Seal of Acceptance for tartar control. VOHC stands for “Veterinary Oral Health Council”, and they award the Seal of Acceptance based on preset standards. The products need to prove that they help reduce tartar and plaque on pet’s teeth.

We now carry Tartar Shield® products. Their bacon flavored dog chews are delicious and VOHC approved. My dog and our employees’ dogs also approve of them! The cat biscuits are chicken flavored and also accepted by our own cats (I know, our pets must feel lucky to be on the board of approval for food and treats at Hudson A.H.!)

Greenies® treats (both cats and dogs) are approved by VOHC and lot of our patients love them. I know there was a scare a few years ago about Greenies dog treats causing GI tract obstruction, but the company responded by making the treats softer for easier digestion.

So, treat your pets with these fine treats. They may not know that they are good for them, but I’m sure they’ll love them! Maybe you can get these treats for your loved ones on Valentine’s day!

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