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Curbside Service Instructions

Hudson Animal Hospital is continuing to practice curbside visits as recommended by the state government and the New York State Veterinary Medical Society. We are asking all clients to wait outside our hospital while your pet is taken inside for examination and treatment by our veterinary staff. 

As soon as you arrive, please alert us with a phone call as we may not see you right away. Our staff will get information from you on the phone or outside our hospital and will ask you to wait so that the veterinarian can come out or call to ask questions and give updates.

We know curbside visits can be challenging for everyone involved, pets and people alike. There is a lot you can do to enhance your pet’s visit even when you’re not with them in the hospital. We would like to share some information and tips to help you and your pet have the best possible experience. 

  1. Bring a blanket, cloth toy, or piece of your clothing so that your pet can have familiar smells, textures, and sights during the visit. If your pet loves chewing or playing with a particular toy, please bring it!
  2. For wellness visits it helps if your pet arrives a little bit hungry. We have a wide variety of treats to offer to create a more positive veterinary experience: baby food, freeze-dried meat, cheese, peanut butter, and more! If your pet has a treat that they particularly adore, please bring some with you for us to offer to them. 
    1. If there are certain foods that you do not want us to give to your pet, please inform us and we will make a note in their record. If your pet has a health condition that requires them to eat regularly please do not fast him/her. 
  3. For pets that are known to be anxious at the vet, please ask us in advance for anti-anxiety medication(s) to help lower your pet’s stress and fear levels. There are very safe medications to give to pets (even patients with health conditions) that can make your pet's experience calmer and more positive. If you are a new client, you may be able to ask your previous veterinarian to prescribe an appropriate medication.
  4. For cats we recommend bringing them in rigid, “clamshell” style carriers. Examining cats in and removing them from this type of carrier is less stressful for them. Put blankets, clothes, or towels in the carrier with your cat and cover the carrier during travel: many cats are stressed by seeing the outside world from their carrier.
  5. Lastly, to give yourself the best visit experience during this cold weather, please dress warmly enough to stay comfortable waiting outside for 30 minutes. There are coffee shops and restaurants on 11th Avenue if the visit is extended and/or it is very cold. If you will be waiting in a car please let us know.

Thank you very much for your understanding and for partnering with us to make your pet’s veterinary experience the best it can be!