Pet Dental Month Discounts at Hudson Animal Hospital!


Pet Dental Health Month Discounts at Hudson Animal Hospital!

February is designated as National Pet Dental Health Month, and Hudson Animal Hospital in New York City is offering a 10% discount on all dental services for the entire month.

Many dog and cat owners are already taking their pets’ dental health into account by incorporating daily teeth brushing, choosing healthy treats, and offering chew toys that promote healthy gums and teeth. But like their owners, regular dental examinations are recommend in order to keep pets in the best of health over the course of their lives.

“Periodontal disease is a common oral disease in dogs (particularly smaller breeds) and cats,” Dr. Kyoko Yoshida explains. “Left untreated, the inflammation and infection associated with oral disease may eventually damage other organs such as the heart, liver, and kidneys and can lead to other serious health problems.”

The veterinarians at Hudson Animal Hospital offer dental evaluation as part of a regular physical examination, and they utilize an onsite state-of-the-art dental radiology system to help detect the early states of dental disease.

Pet owners should also regularly check their pets’ teeth, as well as their pets’ coats, ears, feet, etc. for any new and/or unusual changes. If you notice any of the following signs and symptoms of dental disease, you should take your pet for an immediate dental evaluation.
• Unpleasant breath (more than usual)
• Teeth that are loose or discolored
• Inability to keep food in the mouth
• Mouth bleeding
• Lack of appetite and/or weight loss

Even if you do not notice any of these signs and symptoms, you should have your pet’s oral health evaluated at its next regular checkup.

Once the dental evaluation is complete, all therapy (if needed) can be scheduled at Hudson’s facility in the upper west side with veterinarians who have completed advanced dental training.

Professional veterinary dental cleanings and extractions are done while animals are under full anesthesia and are intubated. Full anesthesia is recommended in order to conduct a more thorough exam of the animal’s mouth and also to complete the necessary treatment with no pain or injuries to your pet. Another important benefit of full anesthesia is airway protection: bacteria and water are prevented from being aspirated if the animal is under general anesthesia.

February is the perfect time to schedule a dental evaluation or treatment. If you are in the upper west side of New York, call Hudson Animal Hospital at 212-706-4088 and get a 10% discount on all dental services throughout the month.