National Puppy Day at Hudson Animal Hospital NYC


March 23 — right around the corner — is National Puppy Day. Adopting a puppy or full-grown dog can be an extremely rewarding experience. National Puppy Day helps people become more aware of the plight of abandoned and unwanted dogs around the country and throughout the world.

Here at Hudson Animal Hospital, we love our dogs and puppies! Not too long ago, we rescued a geriatric Chihuahua that was abandoned in front of Roosevelt Hospital on 10th Avenue. We brought him up to date on vaccines, neutered him, and performed dental therapy right in our facility. He was then adopted by our licensed veterinary technician, who pampers him every day. This little guy is living quite happily now, thanks to the rescue and adoption process.

Adopting a puppy or dog from a local shelter is a win-win situation—the animal gets a new chance at a safe and happy life, and the owner receives a companion that will likely provide much love, laughter, and joy in the years to come. There are many good dogs available for adoption at local shelters, and the staff at Hudson Animal Hospital works hard to help our clients know how to properly care for their canine companions while fostering that important bond dog owners have with their pets.

While adopting from a shelter is a great choice for many people, other options are also available for acquiring a new dog. If a purebred dog is desired, potential owners should be on the lookout for a breeder that is reputable and has solid credentials. Breeders should be thoroughly researched and interviewed prior to an owner’s making any commitment to purchase a new puppy.

Dog ownership is an essential part of life for many of our clients, and we happily provide the best possible veterinary services to keep our canine patients happy and healthy. If you are on the Upper West Side (where Hudson Animal Hospital is located), feel free to call us for an appointment today for your dog at (212) 706-4088. Whether a new or longstanding member of your family, your dog deserves the best!