June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month


Are you a cat lover? Or maybe you’ve never owned a cat but have been thinking about adding a loveable, intelligent feline companion to your family. This is the perfect time: June is Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month!

There are many cats in shelters around NYC who need good homes. Whether you are looking for a young kitten or an older cat, shelters are a great way to find a cat that fits the dynamics of your home. Spunky or relaxed, active or easygoing, cats come in many different breeds with all kinds of personalities, making it possible to adopt one that will quickly become a beloved part of your family.

At Hudson Animal Hospital, we love cats and work hard to make sure they live happy, healthy lives. Here are some ways to prepare for adopting a new kitten or older cat so the transition is smooth for both you and your pet:

1. Consult your veterinarian before you bring your new cat home. The doctors at Hudson Animal Hospital or another veterinary clinic will be able to advise you regarding the shots your pet needs and what health problems may need to be addressed. They can also make recommendations regarding food and playthings. After you talk with the doctor, you can then make the appointment for your new cat’s first visit to the vet. Having that set up ahead of time will allow you to focus on bonding with your pet in those early days.

2. Give your new pet time to adjust. Cats are intelligent animals, and they are well aware of change happening around them. Make sure to give your new cat time to adjust to its surroundings and adopted family; don’t introduce too many unfamiliar things at once.

3. Get your home ready to welcome your feline friend. Cat proofing your home ahead of time will make both you and your new pet more comfortable and relaxed as you get to know one another. Are there food items that are poisonous to cats? Are there other hazardous things that need to be removed or relocated? If you have never owned a cat before, the staff at the shelter or your veterinary clinic can answer your questions and provide you with safety information. You can also talk with someone who already has cats in the home and ask what things you need to do to make your home welcoming and safe for your pet.

We’re pleased that you are considering adding a feline friend to your home, and, if you live in the Upper West Side, we’d love to help care for your cat! The staff at Hudson Animal Hospital is here to provide service and support to you as you embark on the fun and rewarding journey of cat ownership!