Fourth of July Pet Safety


All over New York this weekend people will be celebrating the Fourth of July. Along with street fairs and outdoor festivals, no July 4th celebration would be complete without enjoying the fireworks that celebrate the birth of our nation. While we hope all of our pet owners enjoy this weekend’s festivities, we remind you that it’s unlikely your pet will have much fun. All the noise, excitement, additional people and heat can be uncomfortable and dangerous to most pets.

Unlike people, pets don’t associate the noise, flashes, and burning smell of pyrotechnics with celebrations. Pets are terrified of fireworks, and often panic at the loud whizzes and bangs they produce. When making your celebration plans, take a moment to consider your pets.

Pet Safety Tips for July 4th

The ASPCA has published a great article with information on how best to keep your pet safe, calm and comfortable during this weekend of festivities. Some of the tips they suggest are: keep hazardous materials, including alcoholic beverages, out of your pet’s reach; keep your pet indoors as much as possible all weekend; don’t take them with you to overcrowded or overly noisy events; and keep them well hydrated.

Hudson Animal Hospital families, and all other families with furry members, should read the article and keep your four legged friends feeling safe and secure.

If you do have an emergency or you think your pet is experiencing too much stress please call Hudson Animal Hospital, or your local veterinarian, to speak with our veterinary staff. Happy 4th, enjoy the weekend.

ASPCA Fouth of July Safety Tips